LabelOn™ Modular Round Bottle Labeling Applications

The LabelOn™ Modular can be fitted with either a Wrap Conveyor module or an Orientation module to label a range of Cylindrical and slightly Tapered Round Products.
The same machine can also contain modules that would allow the of one or both sides of an Oval or Flat Bottle. The change-over from Round to Flat to Oval sided is QUICK and straight forward!.

Orientation and Full Wrap ModuleOrientation and Full Wrap Module02


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The design of the LabelOn™ Modular machine allows for the of cylindrical Round and slightly Tapered Round products with the very simply addition of the Wrap or Orientation Module. The machine mechanics and electronics allow for the simply plug in of mechanics, electronics and sensors – providing a highly versatile range of configurations.

When flexibility and ease of operation are your production requirements, look at the LabelOn™ Modular Round Product Labelling Machine for your solutions.

Wrap Module Production speed : Up to 7200 pieces an hour.
Orientation Module Production speed : Up to 1800 pieces an hour.


Key Benefits

  • All Speeds Synchronised (Label Head, Wrap Conveyor and Main Conveyor)
  • Labelling settings are entered and can be stored on the swivel mounted touch panel controls enabling access to the controls from BOTH sides of the machine.
  • LabelOn™ Modular has tilt controls in two directions: towards and along the main conveyor
  • Accepts slightly tapered Products where the usefulness of the two tilt directions adjustments supplied with the Label Head are utilised to their full
  • Accepts Label Rolls Up to an O.D of 380mm (15”) with a Core I.D. 76mm (3”)
  • Construction: SUS#304 and anodised Aluminium alloy.
  • Quick change over to and from Round product to other configurations like Flat or Oval sided products within 10 minutes.


  • Product Size: 25mm to 100mm diameter (other sizes upon request)
  • Label Length/Width: 15 to 300mm. (other sizes upon request)
  • Label Wrap: Up to 85% using the Wrap Module and Up to 100% using the Orientation Module.
  • Label/Web Height: Max.155mm. (other sizes upon request)
  • Label Dispensing Speed: Max. 30 m/min.
  • Max Roll Diameter: 380mm (15”)
  • Core Size Diameter: 76mm (3″)
  • Air Requirements: 60 PSI only if fitted with a Hot Foil Coder Option or Orientation Module
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 / 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz., Single phase (Other configurations available upon request)


Optional Accessories:

  • Hot Foil Coder
  • Clear Label Gap Sensor
  • Pneumatic Product Spacing Gate (This Optimises Speed with Orientation Module Labelling)


LabelOn™ Modular Flat Bottle Labeling Applications

The LabelOn™ configured for Flat Sided Products has superb accuracy and ease of settings. If you have Flat Sided Products needing one, two or even three labels, the LabelOn™ has the forethought of design to make the Job simple to set-up again and again. The picture below hints at our thinking – which is to design for the real world not unrealistic hopes that bottle variations do not exist (in this case height variation is considered). Under the picture is a Button link to our Gallery focusing on Flat Sided Label applications. Below that button are General LabelOn™ features and specifications. Being a LabelOn™ Modular machine the option to add modules at the time of order or after market allows for the of Oval and Round product with very quick product change-over.

Don’t be scared by our competitor quotes for equipment that looks like ours – which is unlikely to match our performance – all our clients are delighted in the value our equipment represents.


Flat Bottle Labeling

Flat Sided Containers

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  • Fast changeovers – There are no tools required for Product Change Over. Large Hand-wheels allow for near-effortless adjustments without the need for motor assist (Motor assists adds cost/complexity and something else to service). We have elected to keep it simple with position settings choosing a little more expensive etched rulers and scales over “digital indicators” which in time can fail (again another thing to service). The Setup time between jobs is simple and quick.
  • Repeatability – All Electronic settings/parameters of your production job can be saved on the touch screen allowing exact repeatability between runs.
  • Flexibility – The LabelOn™ is designed in a modular format allowing for multiple configurations to suit your range of Jobs. Both the Mechanics and Electronics are Modular enabling the fast addition and removal of Mechanics AND ELECTRONICS.
  • The Colour Touch Screen – has easy to use and and easy to understand buttons. There is also machine status information and troubleshooting menus.


  • Label minimum thickness – 70micron
  • Label reel core size 76mm inside diameter
  • Label reel outside diameter 380mm (std)
  • Label minimum size – Vertical 15mm/Horizontal 15mm
  • Label web maximum height – 80/160/215/260mm (selected at the time of order)
  • Label gap minimum size – 2.5mm


  • Speed Synchornised to Label Feed with Digital Ratio User Setting (standard)
  • Dispensing speed minimum – 5m/min (Standard)
  • Dispensing speed maximum – 30m/min (Standard)
  • Label accuracy ± 0.75mm – not including variations due to the Bottles or Labels
  • Stepper motor drive – 5 Phase – Note older machine designs use a 2 Phase Motor that is more Coarse and Hot in operation
  • Missing label detection (Standard)
  • Low-level roll detection (Standard)
  • Un-locked Drive Roller Assembly alarm (Standard)
  • Clear label gap sensor (optional)
  • Label verification (optional)


  • Conveyor speed 5 – 30 m/min (Standard)
  • Conveyor Height 820mm – 870 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor Length 3000 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor material – Plastic Slat/Stainless Slat/ PU Belt/Rollers
  • Conveyor widths – 105/210 (Standard)
  • Conveyor with Cups/Pucks (Optional)
  • Conveyor Non Stalling Motor Drive with Continuous Speed Feedback (Standard)


  • Wrap module (80% wrap or less)
  • Round Bottle Orientation System (Up to 100% Wrap;Suits Bottles with Handles, Hand Grips or View Strips)
  • Overhead conveyor – Servo Motor Driven with Multiple spring loaded backing plates
  • Single & Dual Scroll / Product Positioning
  • (round & oval bottles)
  • Aligner-Spacer Chains
  • Wind in/out and up/down Bottle Separator
  • Spring Loaded wipers
  • Secondary Impression rollers – Driven or Idler
  • Top and bottom label placements
  • Side grip twin belt transfer system

32 jobs


  • Warning Beacon – Standard
  • Coder – thermal or inkjet
  • Eject system
  • Third Label Head (Usually for neck spot labels)
  • Pneumatic Product Spacing Gate (This Optimises Speed with Orientation Module Labelling)