LabelOn™ Modular Labeling Machines

LabelOn™ Modular design is an approach in which labeling projects, even complex ones, are created using standard modules. You can then combine these modules in different ways depending on the needs of the project. The LabelOn™ Modular Label Applicator Machine can be easily expanded. For example, by adding a Wrap Module or an Orientation Module you can add the functions of labeling Cyclidrical or slightly tapered round products – one machine for Flat Sided labelingOval Bottle labeling, and Round containers labeling. The entire labeling machine is built using plug-and-play technology – connections, electronics, and sensors are not hard-wired. This is an important feature since it allows you to easily add or swap modules for a virtually unlimited versatility of configurations.

Label Application of 10,000 per week or more!

The LabelOn™ Basic and Modular Labeling Machines cater to label applications of more than 10,000 per week. These impressive automatic labeling machines boast one of the most important principles in any production line: label accuracy. With their skillful alignment, and the synchronized motor speeds to allow you to control the path of both product and label, these labeler machines allow you to work effortlessly. The labeling machines’ programming may also be customized to help you with even the most tricky of circumstances—so much so that the machines can even label packs with width and height variations. You are even provided with manual override options to control the ratio of speed synchronization, giving you fine digital control of your labeler machine to cater to some of the more tricky applications.

With these powerful sticker labeling machines, you never need to worry about running behind schedule with the speed and accuracy provided to you. You can rest easy knowing your production line labeling needs are in good hands.

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